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Improving communication, knowledge and confidence

Do you have a hearing loss and/or Tinnitus?

HEARING CONNECT at the JDA offers a range of services to enable you to become more informed, more socially active, more confident and thereby more connected to those around you.

People of all faiths, families, carers and professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing people are welcome.

Professional advice on coping with hearing loss and improving communication*

Book an appointment, and a trained consultant will discuss difficulties you are experiencing and ways to overcome them. You will have the chance to try out specialist equipment enabling you to:

• Be alerted to the telephone, doorbell, smoke detector, wake-up alarm or baby crying.
• Hear more clearly (e.g. television, radio or a conversation) with or without a hearing aid.
• Adjust the volume on an amplified telephone.
• Communicate by telephone without speech or hearing.

Tinnitus management*

Our experienced hearing therapist offers Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, helping to minimise the perception of sounds, to make them less intrusive and alleviate frustration.

Impartial information on audiology in the NHS and the private sector*

Appointments are available with an independent hearing aid specialist who will give you unbiased information, technical advice and guidance on the most appropriate hearing aids to suit your needs. Click here for dates to make an appointment.

Lipreading classes

Our profoundly deaf lipreading tutor, Jean Wells, teaches four classes per week. Students, who describe Jean as “inspirational”, develop new ways of coping socially, meet people in similar situations, discuss common issues, access useful information and improve communication and confidence. Click here for further information.

HEARING CONNECT book club and discussion groups:

Book club

Reading enthusiasts discuss a book chosen by the group. Tastes range from Alan Bennett to Alan Titchmarsh so there is something for everyone. Participants share their views in a relaxed environment created with the needs of hard of hearing and deaf people in mind. Click here for more information and dates when the book club meets.

Current affairs discussion group

Our highly skilled Chair facilitates conversations and debates on topical matters, ensuring that all who attend can be fully involved and enjoy the discussions. Click here for dates for current affairs discussion group.

We have a Hearing Aid Drop-in Clinic run by Action on Hearing Loss based at JDA.

We offer:

  • Individual help and guidance on the use of hearing aids and coping with hearing loss.
  • Advice on how to put in your hearing aid, change the battery and keep the aid clean and in working order.
  • Maintenance of NHS hearing aids - cleaning, re-tubing and battery exchange.
  • Information about communication tactics and other services in the Barnet area.

Day: Mondays except Bank Holidays and Jewish Holy Days.
Time: 11am - 1pm.

Please come along if you live in the London Borough of Barnet, and have an NHS hearing aid from Barnet General, Edgware, Royal Free, or Royal National Hospitals.

No appointment necessary. Please bring your Hearing Aid book (grey/brown).

Home visits are available for those who have difficulties coming to the drop-in clinic.

For further information, please contact Gil Vamben on telephone: 07423 430 383 or email gil.vamben@hearingloss.org.uk

Deaf awareness training courses

Hearing Connect specialises in training staff who care for older people. Deafness causes misunderstandings, frustration, anger and unhappiness. Our professional courses enable staff in residential homes to alleviate these problems and create a much happier environment for residents with a hearing loss.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Radnor in any of the ways below:

Jewish Deaf Association
Julius Newman House
Woodside Park Road
North Finchley
London N12 8RP

Telephone: 020 8446 0214 (voice and textphone)
Fax: 020 8445 7451
Email: info@hearingconnect.org.uk

*All services marked with an asterisk are provided free of charge. Voluntary donations are deeply appreciated.


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